As Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few and that’s why we need to get behind the men that God has called, equipped and chosen, and send them out.  Paul Maurer is one of those men. The touch of God is on his life. This man is anointed to preach the gospel.  I am asking you as the people of God to get behind him. We need to support him with our prayers and our finances.  We need to send him out to do the work that God has called him to do.  Please support Paul Maurer and support his ministry.  I believe heaven will rejoice as we see souls saved and the kingdom of God advanced.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Reinhard Bonnke's Successor 
President of Christ for all Nations


“I want to highly recommend Paul Maurer to you as a man that is called of God to the ministry of evangelism. I say this not just to sound encouraging but because Paul Maurer is well known to us and has been under our ministry for a year being equipped and trained for the work of an Evangelist.

But more than that, he has also demonstrated his ability in this regard as an effective minister and a man of vision for the salvation of souls. Because of this, I do not hesitate to ask you to support him in prayer and finances as he steps out to bring in a harvest of souls.

He will be effective, you will be blessed and heaven will rejoice.”

Rev Peter Vandenberg
Executive Vice President
Christ for all Nations 


“I have had the honor of mentoring and serving with Paul Maurer for over ten years.  Paul is a sincere man of integrity with a passion to reach and disciple people for Christ.  He exuberates the very love of Christ and has been a tremendous blessing to every ministry he has ever joined.  I would highly recommend to you the ministry of Paul Maurer.”

Richard Crisco
Senior Pastor, Rochester First A/G
Founder, Empowering Kingdom Leaders


“Paul Maurer is one of the most sincere young men of God I have met in recent years.  I commend him to you highly as he goes to various churches to share about reaching unreached people groups, and encouraging the church to have a deeper walk with Christ.  I have personally heard him speak of his heart-felt missions focus for many years.   Your church will be blessed to allow Paul to share his heart for the lost.  Pray about having him with you!”

Jeanne Mayo
Youth Communicator, Leadership Coach, and Author
President, Youth Leader’s